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I want to demystify WordPress Contributor Day. I’m currently working on organising and shouting out about the WordPress contributor day for WordCamp Manchester so I thought I would come to Paris and see the biggest WordCamp Contributor Day in Action.

When I first heard the term ‘WordPress contributor day’ I imagined it was a day for all the volunteers and speakers to get together. I’m not sure to what purpose, I didn’t think that far. But in case you did have any strange notions like me, here’s what it is. A contributor is anyone who wants to contribute to WordPress.

When I learned this, I thought I would have to know how to code the hard stuff and I don’t have that level of proficiency. This is not the case at all. l. In fact there are a dozen or so ways you can be a contributor.

Contribution isn’t limited to WordPress Contributor Day

Joining the slack community first is always a good idea. That way you can see all the different things going on every day. Contributions aren’t just limited to WordCamps. Do get yourself a wordpress.org account if you haven’t already and sign up to slack to join the dialogue like thousands of others. Here’s how to do that!

WordPress Core

Although you need to know some code, you don’t have to be an expert. There are contributions available at all levels. you can report bugs, test patches and fix bugs. There are even a list of newbie bugs available for you to look at if you are just getting started. You can see them here. For more reading see the contributor handbook on WordPress.org.


Has core spooked you a little? You are more of a front-end type of person right? Why not join the design team where you will be able to input on how the user intarface of WordPress is shaped. This includes user testing. Remember, developers can make everything work, but without an intuitive user journey, it won’t be that great. That’s why thousands of designers have contributed to make the UI what it is today. So you can see just how far WordPress has come, this blog post shows 8 years of WordPress Dashboards and how it evolved


This is suitable for Java, Objective-C or Swift Developers. Again, it’s good for anyone with an eye for UX design too. Mobile also needs testers, especially on Android, See the call for testers here.


As you may have guessed this team work on making WordPress as accessible to all as it can possibly be. This includes coding standards, audits, testing and also accessibility of the handbook and other resources. This group meets weekly on Slack.


You may not know a shred of code, but you may be able to speak and write more than one language. If so, The WordPress Community need you! Aside from joining in at WordCamps, there is also a global translation day you can join online.


You can join the forums on Slack. Everyone knows how do to something, so from supporting users up to developers. Here is a quick start guide to what the support forums are all about.


If you create themes for WordPress, there is a team dedicated to reviewing themes that are submitted to the theme repository. This group is open to anyone who wants to help out. Read more about them here.


Everything needs documenting and in a way that people understand. The documentation team make this possible. This could be contributor documents, developer documentation or the WordPress Codex. Again they have their own slack channel and regular meetings.


If you know how to use WordPress, then the community would love to have you! It doesn’t matter where your skill level lies. There is the need to edit, write, audit, copywrite, teach and even review lesson plans for content. The team meet regularly in slack.


It’s the meta team that keep the wordpress.org websites up to date. This team work on a number of projects so the best way forward is to have a look and see if any of them match your skills and interest.


All things video, A lot of learning, announcements, talks and training is available on wordpress.tv. The WordPress TV Team keep this maintained. If you know anything about video, join this team, but If you don’t, well they need captioners and translators too.


As the name suggests, this team are responsible for the whole WordPress experience, across all platforms, ensuring user experience is synchronous, seamless and well, flows. Because their description is a little arty, I would join in the Slack channel and see what’s involved! Details of how to do that are here.


WordPress-CLI for anyone who doesn’t know is the Command Line Interface. Making installation, automation, staging and deployment much breezier. So If you are intrigued, check out their contributing guide for more information.


Last but not least, The best product in the world is nothing without an audience. Even WordPress in all it’s ubiquitous glory still looks for ways to reach more people. If you are an ideas person this group could be for you. WordPress are looking for ways to market to agencies, the end user, and the community at large. So many users and developers still don’t realise there is an active communitu out there and what it is that they do. Hence this post. So if you have some marketing skills, it could be on the sales side, or the data analytics side, this team needs your help!

Join the next WordPress Contributor Day

Not all WordCamp contributor days involve all teams so the best way to get involved with WordPress at any stage is to join the slack team and jump right in!

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