WordCamp Manchester 2017

Andi Wilkinson Belinda Mustoe

There’s nothing like a good old WordCamp and ‘up Norf’ we pride ourselves on good old Northern hospitality.

This year marked another year for WordCamp Manchester at Manchester’s Metropolitan University. Around three hundred attendees came from all over to learn about all things WordPress This year as part of the organising team. I was responsible for contributor day.

When I first heard the term ‘WordPress contributor day’ I imagined it was a day for all the volunteers and speakers to get together. I’m not sure to what purpose, I didn’t think that far. But in case you did have any strange notions like me, here’s what it is. A contributor is anyone who wants to contribute to WordPress.

When I learned this, I thought I would have to know how to code the hard stuff and I don’t have that level of proficiency. This is not the case at all. l. In fact there are a dozen or so ways you can be a contributor. Read more about that in WordPress Contributor Day for Dummies.

As usual I was proud to be part of a group of people who’s mission it is to make the web that little bit better for everyone. and I can’t wait for 2018. I will be working closely with lead organiser Hugo Finley and will be lead design.

Here’s a few photos of the day!

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