When The Wilkinsons met the Knoureks

April and Ray knoureks

This June, Matt, Isla and I flew out to Chicago to meet our internet besties April and Ray. AKA the Knoureks. When we decided to try for Isla, I joined a few online forums, one of which was baby bump. There I met a group of ladies some of whom I have remained good pen pals with to this day, and a small handful of whom I became really close to. Most of all, April.

We were lucky enough to go to the top of the Willis Tower, which was as scary as hell, but amazing nonetheless. We also had a visit to Mars Cheese Castle, yes that’s actually a thing, Wisconsin Jelly Belly Factory (which was really a warehouse), The famous ‘bean’ The Rainforest Cafe, Navy Pier, incorporating a boat trip around the famous rivers, A speedboat ride on Fox Lake as well as some good old fashioned American family living. It was a fantastic trip and I hope we can return the favour one day, or even visit again.


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