Web Presence for a local estate agency.

Posted on 3rd January 2014 by Andi Wilkinson

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I love learning new things. As a multimedia student, one of my favourite things was web, and I became a pro in Dreamweaver. I loved the code editor and watching what code was created for every new element I added. mostly I tried to write it myself, so I learned HTML and some basic CSS. A few years later I learned to use WordPress and realised how quickly you could set up a website, so I started to create a few sites that way. It gnawed away at me that I didn’t have full control over what I was doing.

When I was asked in mid 2013 to create a website for my local estate agents, I knew I had to do it properly, so it was time to brush up my hand coding skills and learn how to theme WordPress.

Creating a site for Aubrey Lee

After meeting with the client, they didn’t want to use the site to property search, which provided me with some sweet relief, given I was still a novice coder at this stage. Using Rightmove, meant the requirement was to simply list featured properties and link back to them on the Rightmove website. For this purpose I created custom post types for sale properties, rental and commercial.

aubrey lee made by factory

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