Wakestock 2010 Was Boring As Hell

Posted on 5th July 2010 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 2 minutes

In all truth, I was probably a bit miffed and jealous that Matthew was going off having fun at Glastonbury 2010 whilst I got to finish off my teacher placement. I’d also had a really crappy weekend because on Friday, I went to the Crocky Trail and I had some crazy allergic reaction, where my face swelled up like the elephant man. So, feeling sorry for myself, I decided to book us in for our own camping weekend at Aberystwyth to attend the Wakestock Festival. A boarders festival backed by dance acts and run of the mill pop music.

I even booked into VIP Camping, where you had posh loos. You will not find me traipsing round in the mud and pooing in minging portaloos. In fact, Nobody in their right mind wants to do that shit.

I shouldn’t have bothered. it was a teenage dream. I’m fairly sure half the kids from my Knutsford school placement were there too. In fact, I know they were because I had to return on Monday and they were all talking about it. I bowed my head in shame and pretended not to hear.

The best part was nice to spend a day wandering around town and having a decent lunch, but I could have left the whole festival thing where it was.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s not Wakestock’s fault. It’s mine. I just don’t think I like festivals. I don’t like crowds, dirt or noise, so why would I do this to myself. Matt keeps threatening to take me to Glastonbury, but I feel so blah about it. Yawn.

A few Pics from Wakestock

I suppose the VIP area was ok..

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