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Valentines Day with my Mum | When your bloke has to work Valentines Day with my Mum | When your bloke has to work

Valentine’s Day with my Best Love, My Mum

Posted on 30th April 2011 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 1 minute

Always love your mother, you’ll never get another. So, earlier this year, I wanted a romantic Valentines Day with Matthew and so I booked one in York.

When your fella decides he has to work instead and cancels valentine’s day, what do you do? I thought I would treat my mum instead.

My mum is between chemotherapy at the moment for breast cancer & she is very tired, and battling it. It’s not really been easy but we are keeping positive. Every day was a struggle for her.

Valentines Meal

We stayed at Hotel 53 in York. The evening we got there it was all tables for two. We had a candlelit dinner with loads of love hearts scattered across the table. We had a good laugh about it all.

When Matt wasn’t so busy working, we all went to Blackpool for the day instead. It used to be a family tradition every spring, we are forming our own new traditions now.

But heres the exciting news. We are expecting a baby! Due 22nd December 2011.


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