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The Trip Festival Completely Changed My Life | Here's Why The Trip Festival Completely Changed My Life | Here's Why

Why The Trip Festival was the best trip ever

Posted on 1st June 2010 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 3 minutes

Well, the Trip Festival came and went. It was one of the best weekends of my life.  Here’s the story for posterity.

Arriving at The Trip

I arrived on a Thursday night. I put my huge tent up all alone, met up with Mam and Adam. Then I grabbed some grub and managed to get some sleep. The next morning I ambled around helping Paula and met a few new people including two fellas called Matt who introduced himself oddly as Betty & his mate Fraz, who was working on the dance tent. I offered them a beer from my crate and went on my way. Friday was an early night for me because I am a lightweight and I don’t last very long.

Saturday was a real rainy day, and rainy days as we all know are brilliant for regrouping in beer tents. So, I spent most of Saturday in the tent with my mate and tour leader extraordinaire Simon Green & we were joined by Matt & Fraz. – Matt was taking photos of the event & was talking a lot with Simon about photography. Matt & I got to talking about lots of random stuff and we all had lots of beer & it was very happy. Lightweight that I am, I went to bed early, but I promised I’d stay up late on Sunday.

A Glorious Picnic & A New Romantic Interest

Sunday was glorious, a day for a picnic & everyone was sat around on the grass. at this point, Matt and I seemed to have developed a spark, which he decided to put to the test with his little finger. – He says the theory was he would touch my hand with his little finger and if I didn’t move away, he was in with a chance. I reciprocated. He kissed me in the bluebell woods. (Yes that really happened). We spent the rest of Sunday in some teenage love affair. As cheesy as it sounds, I knew on Monday that I would see him the next weekend, and the next, and all the weekends after that.

So Im writing this in retrospect but – Watch this space for more of our life together, as we have been busy moving in. It all started here.

Finally, I want to share a few of Matts photos from the weekend. it was truly epic.

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