The Trip Festival 2011

The Trip Festival 2011

After working on the Trip Festival 2010 and producing what I thought was some pretty sick artwork, I was asked to come up with a brand new concept for the Trip Festival 2011, which was due to be held at The Vaynol Estate in Bangor. Sadly due to unforseen circumstances, the festival did not go ahead but I still love my artwork and I’m keeping it in the archives!

Trip Festival 2011 In The Oldest Barn In Europe

We travelled to the Vaynol Estate to scope out the venue. Whilst there we stumbled across a barn on the estate. The estate informed us it was the oldest barn in Europe. I’m not sure how erroneous this claim was, I mean who goes around dating barns? Nevertheless, I loved the doors and the doors formed the basis of the artwork.

I used photos of flowers, cut out in Photoshop to create the psychedelic effect flowers. Finally I chose a groovy font for effect and incorporated the new logo.

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