History of WordPress

History of WordPress

On the topic of the History of WordPress, I went to WordCamp Europe, with my mind firmly made up that I would not be able to take my code skills any further. Whilst there I found out my developer skills were more advanced than I had given myself credit for. Maybe becoming a WordPress code ninja wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

A talk on the History of WordPress

I watched a talk on the history of WordPress. There the speaker showed the original commits and I was fascinated. I Wished I was an earlier adopter! and feeling so far behind I feel like I can never catch up to more advanced programmers. Maybe I should just go back to analytics and data and be good at that. I conducted a few searches for older versions of WordPress, screenshots and nostalgia and there wasn’t much at all.

So thought i would download it myself and get it running on my local machine! I couldn’t get it working. Typical of me.

Meanwhile, Back at MWUG

Our Manchester WordPress User Group is extremely fortunate to be run by Mike Little. So, when I couldn’t get the thing running who else was better to ask? I knew it was a good question. Mike had every release on his mac, I mean why wouldn’t he? Mike showed me how to check the MAMP PHP logs. After changing PHP version back to 5.1 I had version 1 running!

It’s pretty Old Skool. At this point I had stripped back everything. I wanted to reconstruct it file by file, and work out how much of the code actually made it go.

Even right back in version 1, you can see the similarities to todays version. The posts, the sidebars, and a very simple stripped back editor.

I loaded in the CSS and appearance files and Voila! My Weblog Circa about 2004 with a link to Matt Mullenweg, Mike Little and WordPress.

WP V 1


It’s incredible to thing what started as a clone of B2 has evolved into a highly versatile platform that powers over a quarter of new sites on the web today. This post will be part of several as I look at the interfaces, themes and features of WordPress through the ages, and come to appreciate it more along the way.

When I’m not doodling, I work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. A Manchester Digital Marketing agency, I co-direct with my mate DannyYou can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk

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