The Art Of Tea

Back when we started Factory, one of the first events was Molesworths Business Breakfast in Rochdale. Whilst there we met a great bloke called Dylan Leighton who was pitching his open source idea, Hexayurt UK.
Much later on Dylan asked me to work on some branding for his startup venture, Magnificent Tea, so I set to work creating the idea.

When I heard the word “Magnificent” I thought of curious, wonky, and much of my ideas started around that. But I wanted to create something that would potentially stand out and be eyecatching on a supermarket shelf.

The elements for each flavour of tea were hand drawn using the Photoshop Pen Tool and sourcing stock images for reference. (Because I’m crap at drawing from my imagination) I added shading with blend modes, dodge and burn.

The overlying design of the two colours and the curved line was inspired by the ingredients in each tea.

The type uses a swash version of Bookeyed Martin. (How I love that word ‘swash’.) I played with the type in Illustrator, trying to find fun ways to bring all the type together.

The result I think was gorgeously eyecatching.

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