Marnie Print. A Personalised Birth Print

I love this Marnie Print. In addition to being a cutesy baby print, the bold lines and Benguiat typeface give it an air of a Hitchcock Saul Bass baby poster. Creating my Marnie Print. First I began with the trees. I created the basic shapes with the pen tool. Then I went along the edge… Continue reading Marnie Print. A Personalised Birth Print

Personalised Birth Print for Kamden

i created this personalised birth print baby Kamden. Making the print for Kamden. This print was for a friend in the USA, and the arrival of her new baby nephew. So, I can’t get enough of Americans and their themes. I based the design on  his bedding fabric and baby shower theme. I love the… Continue reading Personalised Birth Print for Kamden

Wedding Print For Stephen & Emily

I love this wedding print for Stephen and Emily, Who live by the sea. Creating the print. The print uses a mixture of Geometric Sans and Scripted typefaces for the main layout. So how did I create it? Well, first I put pen to paper and drew the bunting and beach cottage elements. Next, I… Continue reading Wedding Print For Stephen & Emily

Personalised Birth Prints

So someone was asking about personalised birth prints for her children. Someone had been offering them on Facebook as ‘Word Documents’ Ugh, I can’t even. However, It  did give me the idea that this is something I can do as a sideline. When I taught graphic design, Typography was totally one of my favourite things… Continue reading Personalised Birth Prints