go and grow online

Go and Grow Online with Enterprise Nation.

14th October 2017

This year I am part of a campaign called Go and Grow Online. I’m amazed though not surprised that even now, in 2017, almost 50% of business have no online presence. That’s why I have…

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roots development tips

Roots Development Tips. Help with features of the Roots framework

19th June 2014

So in my last post I wrote my quick guide to getting roots up and running. What about customising Roots? So far after using the framework for around ten of my own sites, I love it, and I am pretty hooked, but there are a few places where I always want to create the same changes over and over.

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Computer Arts Online Subscription.

27th January 2011

Today I was on Facebook, and I saw that Computer Arts had a subscription. Since there was a few months missing from my pile, I decided to jump right in and buy it. I’m thinking…

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learning wordpress

Learning WordPress!

16th December 2010

so Ive transferred my old blog over to WordPress with the idea that I can  use its content management system features to build a decent website, so I’m Learning WordPress! Learning WordPress on Lynda. I…

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