The Art Of Tea

8th November 2017

Back when we started Factory, one of the first events was Molesworths Business Breakfast in Rochdale. Whilst there we met a great bloke called Dylan Leighton who was pitching his open source idea, Hexayurt UK….

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amelie birth print

Amelie Birth Print

8th November 2015

Amelie Birth Print. Just another pretty birth print I created. These birth prints are all the rage at the moment. I thought about setting up on not on the high street but in truth it’s such…

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Lock Stock And Apparel Logo

Lock Stock And Apparel Logo

1st July 2015

At CreativJam we love startups! So when two young fashionistas stopped by our office with an idea and a dream, we got to work creating them a fresh identity to start them on their journey!

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NMGC North Manchester Golf Club.

A Revamp for North Manchester Golf Club.

3rd March 2015

Here’s a redraw I did for North Manchester Golf Club. They needed signs remaking for the roadside. since the only image they could lay hands on was about a centimetre in size, they had a problem. The…

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maxine and andy hand drawn wedding print

Hand Drawn Wedding Print For Maxine & Andrew

18th September 2014

I created this hand drawn wedding print for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to commemorate the anniversary of their marriage in Vegas. How to create a hand drawn wedding print. So it’s quite simple really. I…

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balloon birth print

Balloon Birth Print.

28th November 2013

A personalised balloon birth print I have just created with hand doodles based on a photo they sent me of the lampshade which was a paper balloon. I quite like it! (I changed the name)…

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Marnie Print

Marnie Print. A Personalised Birth Print

27th November 2013

I love this Marnie Print. In addition to being a cutesy baby print, the bold lines and Benguiat typeface give it an air of a Hitchcock Saul Bass baby poster. Creating my Marnie Print. First…

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Kamden Birth Print

Personalised Birth Print for Kamden

i created this personalised birth print baby Kamden. Making the print for Kamden. This print was for a friend in the USA, and the arrival of her new baby nephew. So, I can’t get enough…

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wedding print for stephen and emily

Wedding Print For Stephen & Emily

19th September 2013

I love this wedding print for Stephen and Emily, Who live by the sea. Creating the print. The print uses a mixture of Geometric Sans and Scripted typefaces for the main layout. So how did…

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knoureks wedding print

A Simple Wedding Print

15th August 2013

A simple typographic wedding print for my gorgeous friends April & Ray. Creating the Wedding Print So There’s not a great deal I can say about this print, as it is very simple. It uses…

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superpost superman print

Son of Jor’El | A Superman Print

7th August 2013

I created this Superman print at the request of a friend of mine. I used Photoshop, although I did need to follow a few tutorials! Creating the Superman Print Heads up to Abduzeedo for his…

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bfest wales

BFest Wales 2013

7th June 2013

I Just wanted to showcase this happy poster here! It’s for a small family charity day BFest Wales. Making a poster for BFest Wales. I began with a stock image of grass and sky. I…

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St Patricks Day

Happy St Patricks Day!

17th March 2013

Happy St Patricks Day All! I created this boozy little poster for St Patricks Day. For no real reason at all. It does make a really fun print though, so I can hang it on…

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