History of WordPress

History of WordPress

24th June 2017

On the topic of the History of WordPress, I went to WordCamp Europe, with my mind firmly made up that I would not be able to take my code skills any further. Whilst there I…

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roots development tips

Roots Development Tips. Help with features of the Roots framework

19th June 2014

So in my last post I wrote my quick guide to getting roots up and running. What about customising Roots? So far after using the framework for around ten of my own sites, I love it, and I am pretty hooked, but there are a few places where I always want to create the same changes over and over.

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learning wordpress

Learning WordPress!

16th December 2010

so Ive transferred my old blog over to WordPress with the idea that I can  use its content management system features to build a decent website, so I’m Learning WordPress! Learning WordPress on Lynda. I…

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my bookshelves

Bookshelves & New Beginnings.

16th November 2009

*Legacy*. This is an ancient blogpost about staring at my bookshelves but it really marks the start of my journey with actual web development Ive been staring at my bookshelves CSS PPP Drupal BYOB LOL. –…

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