isla mummy blog post

A Mummy Blog Post.

31st October 2014

This is one of those horrid mummy blog posts. I realise I am starting to write more of them and I need to get out more! Dreaded Mummy Blog October went by without any real…

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This secondary school teacher looks stressed as hell

Secondary School Teacher Training

21st November 2009

My first day on the journey to become a secondary school teacher. I got to the interview in plenty of time. Though I wish I had taken a coat because the weather was abysmal. I…

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andi wilkinson my first blog post

My First Blog Post

7th January 2008

Sometimes there are just these non days. Maybe it’s not a bad thing. Even though this is my first blog post.  I woke up this morning up at 6am having stayed over at Jane’s. I…

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