A Super Exclusive Tour of Parliament With Simon Danczuk

tour of parliament selfie simon danczuk

After Simon Danczuk visited our business Made By Factory earlier this year, he offered both Danny and I a tour of parliament, should we ever be that way inclined. Given my love of London and History, It isn’t something I wanted to say no to!

As Squared Online alumni, I had an invite to the annual Squared awards, so I figured what better way to spend the afternoon than a catch up with Simon and an exclusive look round one of the most famous structures in the world?

I was already in a Festive mood, having been presented with a random gift from Fat Face in Piccadilly Station. So much so, when I got off the train, I bought myself a festive Jumper from their Euston shop. Here’s me modelling it,

Fat Face Selfie

Enough of that. Time for my tour of parliament.

Tour of Parliament.

First, I stepped into this amazing lobby, with water features. It’a a hive of activity. I’ve always liked this building, and I am amazed I was so ignorant as to it’s purpose! Inside these walls are many fabulous portraits and works of art. Mainly of prominent MP’s past and present. There were so many styles, I was like a kid in a candy store. One portrait that stood out was by Gerald Scarfe; the artist behind some of Pink Floyd’s graphic design and mentor to Ralph Steadman, the Illustrator behind Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.


Next, into the grounds. Here were some brand new views of the clock tower and Big Ben. It was good to see it before the tower was practically completely covered in scaffolding.

big ben

I traipsed through many corridors until I was introduced into the house of commons. Now, I’m not allowed to take photos in there and if I recall, I had to surrender my phone too. I sat down and listened to a debate by the shadow cabinet, Something about Brexit of course.

Simon also showed me the secret chapel, buried beneath the public hall, where MP’s can have their wedding ceremonies. It was hundreds of years old and steeped in history.

Finally it was time for a drink in the exclusive MP Bar. This one goes right out onto the Thames, and its where MP’s are lucky enough to get the best views on New Year’s Eve.

After my tour of Parliament, I swung by Google for a drink and caught the train home. It’s not often I have two such prestigious visits on one day!

Mid-September we were visited by MP Simon Danczuk. We chatted about the work we do, all things digital and the Borough of Manchester.

Simon Danczuk Made By Factory
Simon, Danny & Me

Simon Danczuk visited web and graphic design agency Made By Factory recently. The company based at The Old Post Office in Rochdale say they are ‘founded with friendship’ and that is evident in the way they operate.

It was a breath of fresh air for me,” said Simon Danczuk following his tour of their offices.

It is great to see such an innovative company operating in our town. There is a real family feel within the organization and it is run by a network of dedicated young creatives. It was good to get a behind the scenes look at the way the company is run and see all the fantastic work they are doing in the Manchester area and beyond.

Factory has also secured Google Partner Status and they are the only company in Rochdale to hold the accolade. It means they are certified in all five areas of ‘pay per click advertising’. This shows that Factory manages a consistent level of client spends regularly. They also have a direct point of contact on the Google team.

What I had to say

Andi Wilkinson is a director at Factory. She said: “We explained to Simon that we’re a full-service digital agency. We specialise in working with businesses who have seen growth but need to bring their online presence up to speed.”

Factory has been responsible for some fantastic projects for the people of Manchester. They have run some of them on a voluntary basis. The company created a blog for the Manchester Youth Council and trained their members on how to use the site. They also worked on developing the web presence for the Borough of Manchester Homeless Action Information Network (BRHAIN).

Simon explained how he was very keen to promote the borough in parliament due to the number of thriving business he has met and as such, we are keen to be involved. It was a very positive meeting for us and we are really excited to assist Simon in promoting the town in any way we can.” Andonette concluded.

Danczuk finished by saying: “It was so great to see a company like this with the best interests of the people of Manchester at heart. For them, to volunteer time on these fantastic causes says a lot and it is wonderful for the people of Rochdale to have companies like this at their disposal.

Thanks Simon!

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