Southeast Asia. Exploring trade with Enterprise Nation

So our co-founder, Andi Wilkinson, has been asked by Enterprise nation to be part of a Go Global trade mission to Southeast Asia. The mission will take twenty-five businesses to Singapore to explore international trade options. While in Singapore, the purpose of the mission is to:

  • Gain an understanding of the creative technology landscape in Singapore.
  • Learn the ins and outs of tax, legal, trade and also finance process and systems.
  • Have an opportunity to make sales, connections and collaborations with local agencies, government representatives, accelerators and fellow mission-goers.
  • finally to meet with other entrepreneurs who will share their learnings and successes.

While in Southeast Asia

Thursday’s programme will include talks from experts working at HSBC, KPMG. Andi will hear from The UK-ASEAN Business Council & muru-D. The missionaries will learn about business in Singapore. Singapore is a base to explore many markets in Asia. They will explore the KPMG Digital Village and learn about trade processes in Singapore. HSBC will then discuss the best ways to manage all of your finances & raise any funds whilst in the city. Thursday’s business will conclude with an evening reception. There, the missionaries will learn about British business in Singapore from the British Chamber of Commerce.

Friday’s business will be a little more relaxed. The morning will start with tours of Singtel Innov8, Spring start-up-space. Next on to a look around Level3. The afternoon will kick off with a talk from the Economic Development Board & GeBIZ. Next, Andi will then be joining the other missionaries in a Creative Afternoon with Iris Worldwide. There they will attempt to solve a challenge with one of the world’s most creative agencies!

The third & final day of this mission to southeast Asia begins with a talk from local entrepreneurs. Andi will get to hear the advice from experienced people, who’ve been there & done it. The missionaries will gain some top tips & advice on how to business in Singapore. This group of entrepreneurs includes:

  • Margaret Manning from Adelphi Digital.
  • Tim Webb of Sequebb.
  • Andrew Pickup from Microsoft.
  • Steve Melhuish, founder at

So! Andi is really keen to learn about conducting business in Singapore. Read what she said to enterprise nation here.

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