Secondary School Teacher Training

Posted on 21st November 2009 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 5 minutes

My first day on the journey to becoming a secondary school teacher. I got to the interview in plenty of time. Though I wish I had taken a coat because the weather was abysmal. I had to walk halfway across campus in the grey misery.

When I arrived at the Faculty of Education, having met a couple of others along the way, we were greeted with coffee and sent upstairs to the induction room. There were two rooms, one for those with no school, teaching or any educational experience, and one for those who did.

OO The Experienced Room

In the experienced room, I sat down at a table with other prospective students. They were all female at my table. Incidentally, my subject is under-represented by females, while teaching school as a whole is under-represented by males. the fact that I am female in this subject grants me points on the equality scale when looking for a job.

It seemed everyone was doing different subjects in my room, I was the only one for IT. – The head of flexible PGCE was a lady called Alyson, she held good classroom authority, as the teacher trainer types always are, but helpful, and put us at ease, no question was too stupid.

There is a Secondary School Teacher Magic Manual

We all received a file. The instructor explained the routes to becoming a secondary school teacher. I soon came to realise that a QTS qualification blows a college FE PGCE out of the water. QTS is a set of professional standards. You must demonstrate you have met them all. Completion will give you 60 credits towards a masters degree. I need to find out of my other PGCE offers anything similar.

after an explanation of all the standards and taking us through the secondary school teacher book, the registration and bursary people came in and we had all the form filling in to do. There’s is a rook of financial support too so I will be able to come off income support even though I will have to borrow loads of money.

Books for Christmas!

later on, we went to the library to enrol, and we got a £200 book voucher whooo! christmas – everyone is getting books! – came back and they had laid on a nice lunch. it was good to chat with everyone, see what backgrounds they had come from and so on.

after lunch, we were introduced to the VLE, taken to log in and shown how to access the library system. It was the most painless induction day of my life. When I enrolled at Greenwich Uni back in 04, I crashed my car on the M1. It was the worst day of my life.

I cant wait to start but I still have loads more hoops to jump through, – I’ve mailed my tutor to try and make a start, but it feels so good to be busy and have something proper to obsess over.

Maybe no books after all

It seems I left my Edge Card at the University. What a major hassle. It had £200 worth of book credit on it to spend in the bookshop. I managed to sort it, but I have to go in and collect it and of course, that’s a bummer because I don’t have a car. Well, I do but I can’t afford to insure it until my sister moves in and gives me some rent.

Student Finance moved on in that I managed to find my ART ID and log in to the online system. Apparently, It assesses me for everything, but it’s going to take several weeks.

I also wrote to about ten primary schools today, haven’t heard one thing back, emailed the help desk as I am having difficulty accessing the go portal from home. I also need to order ink. It’s not been a good day, I can’t really keep having days like this.

Looking for placements is hard

I still have to sort out primary school placements. this is harder than I thought. I have contacted around 15 schools now. The response has ranged from apathetic to downright rude. James’ head teacher was a complete tosser. I explained nicely that it was impossible for students to progress as a secondary school teacher without placements.

The other school my kids went to seem ok, but they haven’t got back to me. I have called on most days. I don’t want to mither them, but they keep saying they will get back to me and they haven’t 🙁

well, I was all preppy when I came from induction, but I feel like nothings happening. I’m trying really hard!

Oh and an Epic fail on my finance form I filled it in wrong. Now I have to fill in 30 pages

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