Proman Logo. Just a few ideas

Posted on 15th March 2010 by Andi Wilkinson

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This is an overhaul of a logo I am working on for Proman Systems Limited. The Client wanted to keep true to the logo they had used for many years prior, but they felt that it needed an overhaul, to go with a new website.

All brands evolve and as trends in typography shift over time. Sometimes a freshen up is all that’s needed to bring a brand into the here and now. The design was using quite an old serif typeface.

I don’t have the original design any more. Sadly I don’t even have the range of other presentational ideas I came up with so here is the final Proman Systems Logo we settled on.

Proman Logo

I wrote the word Proman in Helvetica Bold. Next I used a narrower grouping in uppercase for the word systems. Then I recreated the original arrow symbol using illustrator. Using a timeless classsic brand font such as Helvetica will ensure the logo stays relevant for many years to come. It’s been around since the fifties and you will see it every day in various forms. It’s ubiquity is an argument for another post!

Proman Website

I also overhauled the client’s website, but seven years on, we are doing it again!

Proman Website

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