Steve & Karolina’s Big Fat Polish Wedding

Posted on 9th August 2010 by Andi Wilkinson

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It was another amazing weekend! We took off on a trip to Poland on Friday for a two-day Polish wedding. Matthew’s cousin Steve & his bride to be Karolina.

Everyone lives here, so I had already met the bride to be at lunch a few days earlier. We arrived in Łódź on Friday, at a really great hotel, with gorgeous rooms and a swimming pool on the top floor. The pool also had 360 panoramic city views and overhung the edge of the building. It was my kind of hotel. Far better than a tent last weekend.  After drinks with the family, we got up the next day to explore the local area. kind of a blend of old and once loved, to the grand and opulent. A country that had suffered occupation for many years, it had taken its toll on the architectural landscape. 


The next day it was time for the wedding. If you have never experienced a Polish Wedding, go make friends with someone who’s getting married there. You will thank me, I promise.

The Bride & Groom

A coach took us all to the ceremony and the reception.There was hot food on tap, every two hours. An open bar had every type of home made vodka. Think there may have been a vodka fountain. There was also a cold buffet, a bread station, a meat station and a cheese station. I do not believe I have ever consumed so much food in one day.

Saturday was just another day of dancing and eating, followed by a chill out day on Sunday back at the same venue with a more casual format. – pony rides and boats on the lake and an all day BBQ. The Polish certainly know how to celebrate weddings in style. nothing like the stuffy ceremonies we have here. I had always wanted to go to a wedding in a marquis. Congratulations to Steve and Karolina! xx

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