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The Pipetech logo still has to be one of my favourite logos I have created. I created the custom lettering using Illustrator and worked in photoshop to give the interlock appearance. I created this for a company in the mechanical engineering sector as the name may suggest.

The engineering sector doesn’t always inspire instant design creativity, so I won’t share the horrible ideas I came up with before I created this one. They are too horrible. Inspiration came and I so started working on this.

The letters the word Pipetech are formed from circles and risers. This made life much easier. Using basic shapes in Illustrator and a wide stroke I created the letters.


As you can see I was experimenting with a mixture of hard and soft edges. Here I was working on the placement of the letters and playing around with colour. Next, it was time to think about colour, so I thought of grey and yellow which are common colours in the construction industry.


The design had harsh edges. So, I used the rounded edge option on Illustrator’s line tool to create the rounded edges. Next, I took the design into Photoshop to make some tweaks. As you can see I added the LTD and the WW. I try to avoid doing this now on logos. It’s never done in the corporate world, but I was more naive back then and the client asked me for it. Who was I to argue?


The Final Pipetech Logo

This is the final photoshop version. I toned the colours down and used a darker yellow. Then, I used layer masks to create the locks between the letters. Finally, I added shade to give a slight 3D effect. Note the use of the word slight. No going crazy with bevel and emboss. I also brought the yellow tones inline so there was one, not two.


Because the final design represents pipes, interlocking, it was nice and relevant.

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