Pipetech Logo

The Pipetech logo still has to be one of my favourite logos I have created. I created the custom lettering using Illustrator and worked in photoshop to give the interlock appearance. I created this for a company in the mechanical engineering sector as the name may suggest. The engineering sector doesn’t always inspire instant design… Continue reading Pipetech Logo

I promise I didn’t throw eggs at John Prescott

Today I went to deliver the Salford Star with Stephen Kingston and we were caught up in the frenzy of pompous suited and booted political types who didn’t want to look at our lovely magazine about the common man. We Met Tony Benn and Alastair Darling. Alistair Darling’s bodyguard thrust us aside. We bumped into… Continue reading I promise I didn’t throw eggs at John Prescott

A little fairy

I created this fairy illustration using pen & paper, a scanner and photoshop. When doing any kind of digital illustration I start with a pen and paper. Despite the fact my paper efforts usually look diabolical, They do end up pretty cool. First, I scribbled a doodle on to paper and then scanned into Photoshop.… Continue reading A little fairy

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