wedding print for stephen and emily

Wedding Print For Stephen & Emily

19th September 2013

I love this wedding print for Stephen and Emily, Who live by the sea. Creating the print. The print uses a mixture of Geometric Sans and Scripted typefaces for the main layout. So how did…

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Almunia is Something Cosmic

12th September 2013

When The Trip Festival Founder Paula McMahon came to me and asked me to produce a poster for one of their Balearic disco gigs, Almunia, I asked for some idea of what she wanted. ‘Make…

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The Trip Festival 2011

The Trip Festival 2011

16th April 2011

After working on the Trip Festival 2010 and producing what I thought was some pretty sick artwork, I was asked to come up with a brand new concept for the Trip Festival 2011, which was…

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learning wordpress

Learning WordPress!

16th December 2010

so Ive transferred my old blog over to WordPress with the idea that I can  use its content management system features to build a decent website, so I’m Learning WordPress! Learning WordPress on Lynda. I…

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The Trip festival andi wilkinson

How I created The Trip Festival Artwork

25th January 2010

My friend Paula called and asked If I could help with her project, The Trip Festival. The Festival will be a family friendly folk festival by the sea. Paula wanted to know if I could…

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a fairy illustration by andi wilkinson

A little fairy

23rd June 2006

I created this fairy illustration using pen & paper, a scanner and photoshop. When doing any kind of digital illustration I start with a pen and paper. Despite the fact my paper efforts usually look…

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