A Revamp for North Manchester Golf Club.

NMGC North Manchester Golf Club.

Here’s a redraw I did for North Manchester Golf Club. They needed signs remaking for the roadside. since the only image they could lay hands on was about a centimetre in size, they had a problem.

The par 71 rolling parkland course at North Manchester Golf Club has been entertaining the golfing fraternity of the North west ever since 1925, offering spectacular views over the city and providing a challenge to all who play it. I think that’s the last time someone drew their crest.

North Manchester Golf Club Crest. The Challenge.

I was honestly provided with a bitmap, around 1 centimetre in size. That would never do. I took matters into my own hands. First, I took a photo of the old sign and used it as reference to create the new high resolution image. Next, I out it side by side with the bitmap and carefully traced all the elements. Then I added colour. So here’s another example of a logo we simply refreshed because the original had dated typography, and again didn’t exist any more in digital form. It now happily graces the sign outside North Manchester Golf Club.

Since this post, business progressed. I now work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. You can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk

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