My First Week as a Stay At Home Mum. Hail Coffee.

Jura for stay at home mum

My first week of being a full on stay at home mum started out well. As I randomly wrote my thoughts in Evernote I watched them deteriorate. Meanwhile all Matt did was look at coffee machines on the Internet.

I can do the Stay At Home Mum Thing!

Monday was filled with positive! “I’m focusing on being at home, being a wife and a mum has meant my home became gradually more organised. It Seems a bit of shifting my thinking helped me cope better.” – Who is this person? – she needs coffee, I’m sure Matt was thinking.

Tuesday I was already scratching at not being able to work on things “Although I have bits of work & design to do I’m not taking on anything challenging at the moment. When things fall into place (whatever that means) maybe I will look at updating my skills again. I only have to stop for a few weeks and I forget everything I know. The whole WordPress roots development framework has changed. I’ve had no time for treehouse training & I’m worrying about a website I’m working on as  I can’t seem to pin my client down to an idea.” – Go be with your baby, it’s ok, Shhhhhhh.

The week progressed.

The week progressed and my thoughts went with them. “Freddie wont go to sleep so I can make my corned beef stew in the slow cooker. She has been cluster feeding all I am exhausted. ” – Epic brain work there Andi – drink some coffee.

The next day I scratched all the above positivity. Thursday. “I spent all of yesterday feeling like a zombie. Matt let me go to bed at 9.30 and slept a little on the sofa leaving me to sleep until about 3. I don’t feel any better this morning & I look awful. I’m wondering just this moment if it’s anything to do with not taking my iron tablets and pregnacare vitamins consistently. At least pumping is going really well. I’m getting a good few ounces every morning, feeding Freddie and having milk spare for Isla. It is making me ravenous though & I am overeating. I’m going to start calorie tracking on Monday.” – Oh come on who am I kidding?

Friday was foggy

I don’t know what happened on Friday, it was a complete fog, but on Saturday I came down to lights on, a bed made on the sofa, sandwich stuff left out, and evidence of Matt researching his Jura coffee machines again. There will be no letup till he gets one. We Had a nice day out in Manchester. Dukes 92 and then the Trafford Centre. Where we looked at Jura Machines again.

On Monday I wrote this positive epistle.”Freddie is five weeks old today. Matt has been helping me get some sleep – taking Freddie at night. She gripes so much when you lie her down at night – four in a bed is just not going well – I’m getting no rest & Matt’s snoring is horrendous. – The coffee machine came on a more positive note!”

dave coffee

This coffee machine has been a beacon in our existence ever since.

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