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isla mummy blog post

This is one of those horrid mummy blog posts. I realise I am starting to write more of them and I need to get out more!

Dreaded Mummy Blog

October went by without any real greatness. after spending most of it unable to drive after my Caesarian, I was finally allowed loose!  I Got all the kids together and headed to the Trafford centre. It felt weird being out with 4 kids, I felt like Mother Earth!! I Met up with Matt and rounded the day off with a nice meal at pesto (nice ish) and I got a few Christmas ideas.

James has embarked on a trip to Cumbria for four days. Got up and took him, then ventured to Aldi and Sainsbury’s with David and Isla and Freddie. Was pretty brave of me. Here is Islas Halloween costume for next Friday!

Isla the Royal Pain

Speaking of Isla, monsters and Halloween, she is a royal pain right now She woke up at least six times last night in a twelve hour period. Let’s add this to Freddie and her own waking schedule I’m knackered. Freddie is very congested. She is grunting and snorting constantly. If i get a rest from either of these things and Matts snoring, I wake in the night and my mind races instead.

Another possible creative project has landed my way but I have two to finish that are getting nowhere. I really want to do the one that has come in but I’m starting to realise that I’m losing all my knowledge. In the night I decided I need to spend at least fifteen minutes per day being creative, fifteen taking care of work admin and fifteen online learning. If I can commit to that at the very least I may start to get some flow back. I am hearing the words of my old tutor resounding in my head, saying ‘Don’t think, just do’. Gah for my ADHD Lifestyle.

When it finally came to Halloween, we all headed up to the Outlaws and the Black Lion for a kids party, which was a great night for the kids, I say the kids, it didn’t turn into a great night for the adults, but that’s another story.


October 2014

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