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Wedding Wilkinson

Hooray for us! We were  married on the 19th September at Kalithea Springs, Rhodes. It was a brilliant family event attended by the five of us, my mum, Matts mum & dad, Dan, Pam & Helen. So, I am now officially a Wilkinson.

We spent two weeks in an all inclusive resort. I ate and drank a bit too much and came home fatter than ever. Honest, It was one of the best days of my life to this day, I have to say this as a mum because I can never trump the birthdays of my children, but it was up there you know?

Our Gorgeous Hotel.

I loved this place. Rhodes is just beautiful. We stayed at the Kalithea Horizon Royal. Just the right amount of quiet. Although you have to be up before the Germans.


Lets bore you all with more of my holiday snaps. Next slide…


Mr & Mrs Wilkinson.

So, After a few days of bliss in the sunshine, we went to Kalithea Springs and tied the knot. It’s a gorgeous place for a wedding. Then we posed for photos. Here’s a nice one.

Matt and I, my two sons and our daughter.

Wedding Wilkinson

The reception was more of a traditional meal in a Greek Taverna called Ippotikon, in the Old Town & had tonnes of history. It was exactly what we wanted & ended up being a completely riotous night. I would love to go back one day and celebrate an anniversary.

Enjoying a meal in Ippotikon.

If you’ve never eaten greek food, you should. Especially eat it here, They throw the Ouzo down your neck! Rhodes old town is a gorgeous old place. It’s the second time I’ve been and I know it won’t be the last. When we arrived in town, the townsfolk came out of their houses and shops and clapped us down the street. A tad embarrassing albeit nice and romantic. Our mums left Isla’s Bugaboo in the taxi. Talk about devastating. We did get it back, but some people never let it lie. Do they Dan 😉 I mean, come on, It’s a Bugaboo for christ’s sake! Eventually, panic over we sat down to enjoy a very nice meal and a very large drinks bill. Thanks John!


Oh if only every day could be this way.

We spent the next day hungover of course. In true leisurely fashion, lazing by the sea, my sister in law Pam, My sister Hels and I. I loved every minute of this holiday and I’ll probably spend years wanting to recreate it.


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