March Obsessions: Camping, Hair Dye & Eating.

tent camping

March came and went without consequence. Or did it? When my mum was sick, she told me she had some money put aside for me. Not a fortune, but to me a fair lump. She said do something fun, and for yourself. Don’t spend it on sensible stuff. That sounds so much like something my mum would have said. Would have. that sounds so strange now.

It had been a while since I spent time with my kids. Given that they range from age 21 to age 2, and each one of them have their own social lives, it’s easy to see why. I summoned them all to Mowgli in Manchester. for anyone in Manchester, you can find it in the corn exchange. It used to be The Triangle, a cluster of retail stores, but it didn’t really do that well. A few years back they turned it into a street food ‘esque’ venue, with cuisine themed from across the globe. Mowgli is Indian street food, and its delicious. £15 will buy you a tiffin box. This contains one carb (rice) one veggie curry and two meat. The more people ordering, the better because that’s where the variety comes from. the food is so fresh and tasty, it’s one of my favourite places to eat.



For some reason, that i cannot explain, I decided out of the blue that it would be a really good idea to go camping. So, off we went to Go Outdoors. In my household, we don’t do stuff by halves, so we bought this massive tent with inflatable poles and a shit ton of camping stuff, including enamel crockery, because, well you NEED enamel when camping. There was also a kitchen that really doubled as a bar. Oh, and a carpet.

This was full scale glamping. What I didn’t account for was that it was zero degrees at night. We were effing miserable. The girls and I ended up huddled in one bed in our fancy Vango thermal sleeping bag and continental duvet on top, whilst matt huddled on top of a shitty Paw Patrol airbed with his ‘core body warmer’ on and two kids quilts. It was bloody freezing. Lesson learned: Don’t go camping in March.


After a couple of days freezing our butts off, we went home, I impulsively dyed my hair red and the kids camped in the living room. Everyone was happy. To top it off we finished our week with the first BBQ of the season. Its never too cold for a barbecue in our house.

Kids camping BBQ

And that was March.

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