The Lullaboo Baby Logo

lullaboo baby logo

I have been working on a few ideas for a pram store called Lullaboo Baby and I just wanted to share them here. The online store wanted a more up to date logo producing.

Here are a few of my ideas.

Lullaboo Baby Logos

This design uses a geometric sans which doubles as a pair of wheels. I liked the concept and decided to explore it a bit further.

This design uses a bolder font. Cooper to be exact. Although it has a certain quirk, its just too long.  This retro style design incorporates a stork and a slightly Benguiat style typeface. I quite like this one. I could see it working on a business card but not a website.

Coming back to the idea of a pram and a double oo, I played with Museo slab. This is one of my favourite typefaces to hack around in illustrator. Again, i had the issue that it was too long.

Revisiting the stork again, but with the cooper font, this is fun to look at but it has too many elements in it for a logo in my opinon. Sorry Mr stork.

Next, I tried my old friend Helvetica, but I used the rounded typeface and stylised it.

The round typeface works well, so in the end, for simplicity I decided to remove the pram altogether as seen in the first image.

For more design, check out my design page. To hire me, you can find me over at Made By Factory, a digital agency in Manchester I co-own. We specialise in creative and bespoke web experiences, and delivering relevant traffic to your website.

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