Losing your mum sucks big time 

lost me mum

Does losing your mum ever get any easier? It’s been almost six weeks and I feel so inadequately qualified to answer that question.

I’ve stumbled across every walk of person with every type of attitude. From people who are asking am I ok now then, to people telling me it’s time to move on, to my husband who is becoming overwhelmed with the fact that I haven’t noticed a dirty plate in over two months. I don’t care about dirty plates. I don’t care about anything much.

You rely on your mum for so much!

For the last two years I’ve ran a small creative agency with my business partner Danny. I’m always the one full of stupid ambition, never tempered with much common sense. But you have to dream big right? He has all the common sense and Its only just occurred to me to start listening to it. Because common sense right now dictates we give up our office and work from home.

Working from home suits me just fine because since I lost my mum, I don’t even want to leave the house. Even having a shower is an effort. Don’t get me wrong I do it, but I don’t feel like doing it. It seems so futile to shower. All that’s destined for us in the universe is to die of some disease. Yes I know this is a very irrational statement but who says grief is rational?

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