Lock Stock And Apparel Logo

Lock Stock And Apparel Logo

The Lock Stock and Apparel logo brief called for a design that incorporated a vintage feel, Victorian, with a slightly steampunk influence, although not heavily reliant upon it, and a flavour of androgynous fashion throw in the mix, and maybe something hand drawn? If you’ve seen my starting scribbles you will probably laugh out loud, but here they are.

My Crappy Drawings.

I know what I was trying to draw. It all looked good in my head, ok?



So After scanning in these designs (can we call them that?) This is what I came up with.

Lock Stock And Apparel Logo

Trying to get inside someones brain is always the hardest part –  you have an idea, you can see it, you can describe it, but you can’t create it. thats what I have to try and accomplish. – I know the client was really happy with the end result though!

I work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. A Manchester Digital Marketing agency, I co-direct with my mate Danny. You can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk

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