Legendary Pioneer of Dance Music Nicky Siano

Nicky Siano Poster Andi Wilkinson Designer

The story behind my Nicky Siano Poster.

When my pal Paula told me she was doing an event with Nicky Siano, The legendary pioneer of Dance Music & once resident DJ of New York’s famous and much revered Studio 54 I was pretty excited. I’d already worked with Paula on some cool event posters. Notably, the Trip Festival 2010, The Trip Festival 2011, Purple Radio and Almunia.

Creating the Nicky Siano Poster.

This poster is simple and yet personifies the essence of both New York and the Liverpool Skyline and music all in one go. So, It started with one of my favourite tricks, a multi pointed star. First, I used Adobe Illustrator for the quick render of the Statue of Liberty. Nothing too fussy. Next, I chose the typeface. I decided on Avant Gard because not many typefaces are more NYC. Except perhaps the iconic Broadway, that graces the doors of the Empire State Building. It’s a highly Art Deco typeface.

Finally, I created the music wave to sit at an angle. For anyone with a keen eye, this is the Liverpool Skyline.

I love it.

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