Learning WordPress!

learning wordpress

so I’ve transferred my old blog over to WordPress with the idea that I can use its content management system features to build a decent website, so I’m Learning WordPress!

Learning WordPress on Lynda.

I signed up to Lynda.com an online training portal where you can learn pretty much anything web related for a small monthly fee. They also teach Adobe suite and much more.

So far its really easy to use and I have been watching the tutorials with Morten, (you can find him on Lynda) and they are excellent. The only downside is there’s a lot of detail. It’s great but I am so impatient and I want to know it all now! I skipped a lot whilst watching him write code. I really want to learn how to do it properly though.

Still, I seem to have mastered the basics in a short time, its very easy, modular. It takes the shape of posts and pages. Posts and pages make up the main content. There are also these things called widgets which make up all the swirly bits, like adding a twitter feed, or a list of categories.

I’ve seen some good templates out there too. There are templates for everything. I need to work out now is how to turn creativity into code and make things customisable. Themes are great but I want to learn how to do it properly. I have a whole backlog of Lynda videos to watch, I think about a year’s worth. it’s going to be a long winter.


These days in 2017 I am a fully fledged WordPress Developer, and I am involved in the WordPress community. I made the lovable Manchester Wapuu, and I love WordCamps. I develop WordPress themes from scratch, like this one. If you want a developer for your WordPress website, I co-own an agency Made By Factory. We specialise in WordPress

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