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I'm A Finalist For Business Person Of The Year! | Andi Wilkinson I'm A Finalist For Business Person Of The Year! | Andi Wilkinson

I’m A Finalist For Business Person Of The Year!

Posted on 1st October 2018 by Andi Wilkinson

Time to read: 2 minutes

This year I’m a finalist for this year’s business person of the year in the Rochdale Borough.

This is my second time in the finals in this category. Made by Factory was also best upcoming business  in 2016.

My nomination was largely due to my efforts in the borough to bring small business up to date with digital.

I’ve been serving as a digital advisor for enterprise nation in the last twelve months, and have also been selected by TSB to become a business advisor in digital for the North West. Cool Eh?

With the help of my business partner in crime, Ben Tennant, our Agency Factory  has orchestrated free training and workshops around Rochdale, helping business owners discover the skills they need to go and grow online.

The borough of Rochdale comprises three towns. Rochdale, Middleton and Heywood. It’s famously known as the birthplace of the cooperative. It has some of the largest commercial and industrial spaces in the North and is largely known for its manufacturing and distribution. The awards are a celebration of the hard work of the business community and categories look to honour everyone from apprentices and employees and businesses from micro to massive!

I really do think I deserve a medal after reading back my entry but it does remain to be seen 😀

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