The Hexayurt and a Different Take on Open Source.

Hexalutions Hexayurt

Hexawho? Hexayurt! I dragged a reluctant Danny off to his first networking event.  Molesworth’s Business Breakfast over at Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale. He shuffled in muttering, and came out all fired up like he does. That morning we listened to a talk about Open Source and how to create a business that would survive a zombie apocalypse in 30 days. Dylan Leighton gave the talk and his answer was the Hexayurt. Namely Hexalutions. Intriguing. Afterward, we approached Dylan and told him of our recent fame in Rochdale. (Shhh we lied, we aren’t famous.)

What is a Hexayurt?

So what is this Yurt stuff all about then? – The original open source Hexayurt project can be found here if you want to have a read about it. Dylan’s concept however, takes it to the next level. He is looking to be at festivals and camping. a graphic design concept I have an obvious love for.

Although the branding isn’t finished yet, I am gravitating towards the hexagonal hint of an elephant & further developing it. – Here are a few of the ideas I created so far. I am also working on a cool website & a cheeky yurt design!

Dylan’s concept for Hexayurt is ‘The End of Square’. This logo has nothing square about it. I created this hexagonal shape in illustrator and tweaked each triangle so it had a rounded effect. I finished it off with a rather cool font.

Here is another simple and non square concept for the brand.


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