Happy Sweet Sixteen David!


Im writing this post to say a happy sweet sixteen to my eldest son. Despite my agonising SPD we still managed tho throw him a great house party.

What Makes a Happy Sweet Sixteen?

It’s always a bit crappy for David because his birthday falls on December 13th, twelve days before Christmas. Trying to find a venue is a ballache. Luckily for us, Dave has never been the materialistic type. He likes nothing better than to have his friends over and just chill out. So how to handle a sixteen year olds birthday in your home without either having your home trashed or being uncool?

Step 1 Have two parties at the same time.

This is really the key. it also works for toddlers parties. It works well if you have two rooms. Just basically throw your own party, drink and leave the kids to it. Disclaimer, I am pregnant so I get to cry quietly and watch everyone else have fun.

Below. Party A and Party B.

Step 2 Overlook the Jagerbombs and secret stash in the next room.

Enough said here, no one was hiding a bottle of Jagermeister, cough, you know who you are. See they thought they were cool. We knew that bottle was between ten of them. I didn’t panic.


Step 3 Pretend to be a napkin, so no one will know you are actually supervising.

It’s really not as sinister as it looks. It’s quite fun. If you have seen ‘The Holiday‘ you will know this. If not watch it. Jude Law alone makes it worthwhile.


All joking aside. Happy sweet sixteen Dave!

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