Happy Birthday David!

Posted on 13th December 2009 by Andi Wilkinson

Crikey. I can’t believe my little boy is 14 today! 14 years of banter and wit. So I just wanted to write this little post to say, Happy Birthday David.

I’m really proud of who you are, and how well you do every day. School love you and you just keep us all laughing every day with your clever stuff.

If you are not David.

So, If you are not David and you landed here for some obscure reason, go and read some of my more wordy posts over on my blog. I also write about digital marketing, I creatively illustrate (What other way is there to do it) and I am a web developer. I know a fair bit about Google AdWords and WordPress.

I’ll say it again. Happy Birthday David!

Anyway, back to the point I wanted to make which was Happy Birthday David. Enjoy this embarrassing photo!

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