Hand Drawn Wedding Print For Maxine & Andrew

maxine and andy hand drawn wedding print

I created this hand drawn wedding print for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law to commemorate the anniversary of their marriage in Vegas.

How to create a hand drawn wedding print.

So it’s quite simple really. I scouted around on the interweb for elements of Las Vegas. First, I found my photographs. Then, I traced them off with marker paper. Next I scanned them into Photoshop. That’s where the magic began. I coloured each element meticulously using Photoshop. Finally I used a mix of scripted serif and Avant Garde typefaces to complete the look.

Every element of this print was hand illustrated and scanned into the computer to be inked and coloured in Photoshop, for a truly unique print. It looks great on the wall!

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When I’m not doodling, I work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. You can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk

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