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March was a mad month for me at work this year. We have had a few exciting things going on from new staff to lots of cool events. Last Thursday inside the Rise at Grindsmith Coffee House (incidentally a really great venue) in Manchester, My team and I collaborated with The Business Growth Hub and Google to advise Manchester business owners on their digital marketing strategy.

Presenting For The Business Growth Hub

I work with digital marketing across several social media channels. But this session along with our guests looked into the why’s and what’s of Google AdWords. I had to do the talk, which I was dreading so I  started the event by explaining why advertising is beneficial to a business. Then I took us on a bit of a journey about Americana, pop culture and the Burma Shave Company as an example of why we need to move with advertising trends.

Back in those days signs along the road were a great way to advertise. Even to capture their ideal audience for their shaving product. Disruption came via the interstate and faster vehicles. By the time the second world war ended, the signs had all but disappeared. Sadly, the company vanished into obscurity. It was swallowed up by one of its competitors. They don’t call it a cutthroat industry for nowt.

Today the disruption is digital and more recently the huge trend towards mobile. Furthermore, 2014 was the year that mobile browsing surpassed desktop. In 2015 74% of UK consumers owned a smartphone and used it to shop. 40% of us went to a competitor if the site was not mobile friendly. with trends like these, it makes sense that savvy business owners everywhere are turning to digital to make sure they don’t get left behind.

Google Product Range

Google continued the session by explaining their range of marketing products. Most of us who use google (and who doesn’t) are familiar with the search ads. We all see them when we type in a Google search, but what about the display network? what about remarketing? YouTube? GMail Ads. Most businesses have not considered this. Many look at ways to find new clients without consideration of the ones right under their nose, and are unaware of the power of remarketing. This, in layman’s terms means using your existing company data, whether that be your client list, your mailing list or visitors to your website and making it work for you.

Next, I went on to explain comparatively how little digital advertising can cost in comparison to traditional and offline forms of advertising, and just how measurable the process is. Imagine you had the audience of male drivers down American Highways of the Burma Shave era. Imagine you knew that everyone who passed you were your exact target audience? Not only can we do that today, we can tell, from hobo to hipster, whether said male is likely to want to groom his beard or not!

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