Can Google AdWords help your small business?

Posted on 2nd October 2017 by Andi Wilkinson

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This series of articles is designed to help those in the early stages of business. Maybe you don’t have the option of hiring an agency but you want to get things right from the word go. Where do you even start? Here is a brief intro to Google Ads. (Google AdWords)

What is Google AdWords?

The majority of us are aware of the adverts that show up across the internet. These adverts can appear in many forms, when we search on Google. The banner advertisements and the video adverts that follow us around when we are browsing our favourite websites. For the majority, the content you are seeing is cultivated through the Google advertiser network.

So, what exactly is the Google Adwords service, and how can it help you? Big companies and corporations successfully use AdWords and make millions. But for a smaller business it can be a minefield. Especially if you don’t know whether online advertising will work for you.

Simply put

To put it simply, Google AdWords is a form of digital advertising delivery. Albeit a highly complex one. It could be a text ad, an image, a video or other format. Unlike traditional banner advertising, you can target your adverts with laser focus and only pay when someone clicks. You can even choose how much you want to pay for each click.

When will people see my Ads?

With well planned targeting, users online will see your advert when they are carrying out searches across Google. Also when browsing their favourite content.

Text ads appear on the Google Search Network. Richer formats such as responsive ads, images or video can even reach many top news outlets and millions of websites. These appear on the Google Display Network.

Practically all of your prospective customers are online. No matter what your budget, you can reach them using AdWords. Did you know over 90% of Brits access the web on a smartphone.

Lending context to a small business

Let’s think about a local baker specialising in decorative cupcakes. Their owner would like to increase local awareness, and get more orders. They have gained business through food fairs and visits to their shop. Now they want more people to be aware they exist. If they are successful with their small local area, then a slightly wider reach could benefit them too.

The bakery know that majority of customers they sell to are generally local women aged between twenty and thirty five, and more often than not, have small children. They are really popular for parties and have made a good name for themselves. There is a well designed website, with their latest offers on, lots of photos and customer testimonials. They have also checked it passes the mobile test. So they decide to run an advertising campaign using Google AdWords.

So, they decide a budget to put to online ads, and create their first one. Like any advert by any business, they make sure it is relevant and eye catching. Google AdWords can scan your website for text and images to help you create your ads.

Targeting methods

The adverts the bakery create have target women aged between twenty and forty who are likely to be parents and live in a ten mile radius of her shop. Within a short space of time from the ad going live, they have reached an entire audience of potential customers. They have also created more brand awareness around their business.

Google AdWords uses the advert and audience created by in the campaign setup to serve the advert to the right people at the right time, and in the exact location she specified.

AdWords uses a sophisticated targeting method to reach your customers. For new business, the basic targeting methods of a display campaign can help open you and your company to a world of potential customers that you wouldn’t have reached before.

The Google AdWords dashboard lets you see all available data. Data like how many people saw your adverts and how many clicked on them. There are also features like message ads and call ads. By using analytics, you can measure your revenue.

Unlike traditional advertising, you can change your adverts at any times, try new ones and experiment with different targeting methods.

So in short, whomever you are, Google AdWords can be an effective method of generating awareness around your business.

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