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go and grow online

This year I am part of a campaign called Go and Grow Online. I’m amazed though not surprised that even now, in 2017, almost 50% of business have no online presence.

That’s why I have joined the team at Enterprise Nation this year to be a digital advisor.

What is the Go and Grow Online Campaign?

The Go and Grow online campaign, has been created in partnership with Microsoft, Verizon and Curry’s PC world and is aimed at giving those micro start ups the best advice possible to help them reach customers online. The campaign launched with a cool party in the Shard, but here’s what It’s really about.

I will be offering two workshops, (Maybe more) in Manchester. It’s a twelve step program. Well, actually, it’s eleven, but I could add one on! Heres’ a lighthearted summary of what I will cover.

The eleven step programme


What kind of devices are you using? If you are trying to be the next Amazon with your trusty Packard Bell from 1994, It may be time to switch.


Do you have a domain? bestcompanyever.wix.com with an email address of entrepreneur@gmail.com just may not make the cut!


Hosting. Make it fast, make it secure. No wisecracks please.


Office Software. Choosing the right options. This is the hard part where as a Google Partner Digital Agency owner I have to promote Microsoft over Google. Though seriously, Google Can’t compete in that arena if you need some hardcore office software. Sorry Google.

Web Presence

Your website. Now, Im a bespoke WordPress developer and I’m not cheap. Don’t get me wrong, I could have you online in a couple of hours. Could I have you visible? No. So I don’t make quick websites. Does that mean though, that having a quick and dirty website is rubbish? Not at all. you should have some presence, to send your contacts to. I will advise on some of the cheaper ways to get yourself online, without making it hard to extricate yourself later on.


Legal stuff. I will talk about what you need to be legal online. This will depend largely on what you do and where you do business. I can also, from experience tell a few stories about why a good set of terms and conditions can help you!


Email marketing. That old chestnut! How do you set up your campaigns for success? how do you stay relevant? I will show you how to keep clicks and opens high, by using simple segmentation.

Social Media

Social Media. Many start with this. But if not, how can you get set up? In the sea of networks, which ones should you use?

Online Visibility

Rising up search. Ok, this is where I am good. I’m going to tell you what works, what doesn’t, and where you could potentially do it faster.

Marketing Automation

Automation. I will show you some of the tools you can utilise to make life easier!


Finally, nothing is any use if you can’t measure your success. I will explain the basics of analytics and other measuring tools and help you make sense of the data in it’s simplest form.

When I’m not advising small business, I work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. A Manchester Digital Marketing agency, I co-direct with my mate Danny. You can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk


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