Freelance is not the pyjama dream everyone thinks it is.

Matt TLH freelance post

So I’ve really gone freelance. The month of December 2014 was a real pivot point in my life. I decided after a good couple of years of toying with the idea of doing the odd freelance website that I was going to throw myself back into it wholeheartedly. I got so serious I ordered print samples. From anywhere that would send me some. I spent lots of time oohing and ahhing over their loveliness. Marqetspace were my favourite. Moo were pretty good too.

Freelance print loveliness

Freelance Projects to date

I carried on working on the site design for the auction house. It was coming together nicely. Meanwhile, they wanted lots of brand items. I made about twenty sets of business cards and had them done in super luxe finish. They arrived all muddled up! Luckily my mate Chris came to rescue me. We spent a couple of hours putting them in order. They did look and feel pretty great though.

Christmas. It doesn’t stop.

By the time Christmas Eve came, I hadn’t even began to wrap presents, I had been so snowed under by the work I had to do, along with Matts busy schedule and Freddie & I was not feeling festive at all. Islas Tinkerbell costume arrived from my mum & I instantly wished it were acceptable for grown ups to play fairies. Look at it! It’s gorgeous! Everyone who knows me, knows I am not a girly girl, but what girl can resist that costume!
I had also been working on some bidding paddles for the auction house which arrived just in time on Christmas Eve too, here’s Matt modelling one!  

With everything ready pretty much, we packed up and headed over to North Wales to spend Christmas with the in laws, stopping at the Trafford Centre to buy some last minute goods.

One day off

Christmas morning came and it was possibly my only day off. Isla was so excited about her things. Especially the Princess Anna dress. Disney really know how to make a racket. Although Freddie was way too young to know what was going on, we got her a Cora Smart Bear, which has annoyed us ever since with its incessant reminders of the next seasonal event.

I received a monogrammed onesie, which was cool as. Then, on Boxing Day I got back to it, and had the website TLH Auctioneers version 1.0 launched and ready for action. So I did it. With a newborn baby, Christmas and a husband working an 80 hour week. Not forgetting the help of my mum and my niece, I achieved the biggest piece of work for my biggest client to date. Phew!

Since this post, business progressed. I now work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. You can get in touch with me at

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