Fraz, A Crazy Barbecue and a Trip To Alton Towers

Posted on 8th June 2010 by Andi Wilkinson

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It was a great weekend. The first since the Trip I went over to Matts house, although I haven’t met his mum and dad yet since they are in Rome. The weather was great. I travelled up on Thursday but Matt was working and left me in the care of his mate Fraz. Or maybe it was the other way around, who knows. It was pretty surreal anyway. He left me with instructions and some money from his bedside drawer. Sounds Shady.

You Will Be Met By Fraz

“Take some money from my side drawer and get a taxi to The Crown. You will be met by Fraz. Fraz will take you to Chester where you can have a few drinks and I will meet you later”. Seriously, this bloke seems to have it all figured out. It must be fate we met because I have zero of my own shit figured out. It was a good night out in Chester though. I think. From what I can remember.

So on Saturday, we decided to have a BBQ with Matts friends, but as Paula had invited me over too we made it a joint friend thing. Let’s just say it turned into a legendary all-nighter that will go down in the annals of time and involved a Mexican hat.

Paula and Myles

I met Matts mum for the first time. Even though she was in Rome not at her house. We got in trouble because we shouldn’t have been messing with her Mexican hat. She told Matt off on Facebook. Actual Lolz. He had overlooked checking for permission to throw a party.

Tuesday we went with Fraz and Lou to Alton Towers. We wore matching ponchos. It absolutely pissed it down. Retrospectively, it’s been years since those pants fit me. I miss them.

Alton Towers

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