My First Blog Post

Posted on 7th January 2008 by Andi Wilkinson

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Sometimes there are just these non-days. Maybe it’s not a bad thing. Even though this is my first blog post. 

I woke up this morning up at 6 am having stayed over at Jane’s. I felt disgustingly sick and then I was.  It tasted of vodka. Yuck. What a start to the year.Like Bridget Jones. I chose Chaka Khan and vodka and I was seriously starting to regret it. Then I decided to make a first blog post instead of doing actual work.

I went back to bed & drifted for an hour or so and then woke up at nine but everyone was asleep so I sat in the kitchen minus any heat and shivered while i surfed the net. When I couldn’t deal with the boredom any more I woke Janey up at 11. it became apparent that we werent going to do much all day except mooch aimlessly, and the whole day rolled into one.

Procrastinating with first blog post and WoW

I installed World of Warcraft on my computer but really, who knows when I’ll find the time to look at it, maybe I can just use it as an instant messaging facility when I need to get hold of Jane. she has moved to Azeroth now.

The next morning I got home from Jane’s about 1030am. I started work on my PGCE but found I was getting nothing done. Next I sorted out my speed awareness course but my stupid ADD lifestyle meant that I left it all till the last minute to sort out and I have to pay an admin fee of £45 on top of the £85 for the course. I am aware i was going too fast to begin with. To add to my problems I wasted far too much time on Facebook. This left me with substantial amounts of coursework to do. I went to bed with a large wine and a Nytol and watched Heroes.

Time for action

The next day I spoke to my tutor and clarified some of the things about my upcoming PGCE which made me feel just a little better. I am convinced i will cock up all the referencing & I am sure Im always going to get it wrong although why I feel this I don’t know, since it was all good the last time I handed one

So I am writing my schemes of work which is hard because I don’t know what I’m doing. I still don’t know what Im doing I just don’t think ahead enough, Honestly, I really need to stop living for the moment. Ahhhh!!! I am losing the will to live. between lesson planning Facebook is giant distraction. Because I am nosey and far too social and I don’t like being on my own.

well have done about 3000 words so far out of 10,000. My first blog post contains nearly 500.

what a dreary start to 2008.

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