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banana ink

Who or what is Banana Ink? Before I started up the studio & I was a mum at home, I engaged a lot in mummy networks, I stumbled across one lady and her love of inventing curious looking toys. A friend of a friend said she had paid for a logo and was horrified with it.

The offending article is here.
Now before anyone says ‘she must have paid a fiver for it’ jump down off your high horses. She didn’t. She actually won it as a prize package for small business, and as such got it at the ‘reduced’ price of £50.

Banana INk

Why This Travesty?

Not many things are such a travesty of good design, but this deserves to be given that accolade. Denise is a seriously talented toymaker, and occasionally she likes to paint up her characters before making them. This was one such occasion. This is what she had provided to the ‘artist’. I just don’t think she got it. Do you?

I felt so bad for Denise, i whipped her up another design based on the original hug me toys she created. First I traced out the basic shapes. Next, I added colours and shade. Finally I dropped in some of my signature flowers and rounded up with a quirky typeface.

Banana Ink Bunny

Is it a bunny? Who knows? I set to work creating her cute little creature, as a mascot for her Facebook page. It’s more of an identity than a logo, which is common with craft themes. She loved it anyway.We have been jolly good pals ever since. Eating cake and talking about unicorns. Check her out on Facebook.

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