A Creative Update. What I’ve been working on lately.

Wedding creative update

I know I haven’t written anything really since the zinio post. Time for a creative update. The Truth is, you get busy and then your own projects always seem to come last. For the last year at least I’ve been thinking almost every day about where I’m heading creatively and continuing to work on projects here and there. It’s always at the back of my mind, this chatter. What do I chatter about?

Where I’ve been.

I’ve been pretty busy since getting back from the USA, I’ve only just caught up with the washing, let alone all the other stuff. Today I got up and tried to organise my day whilst my toddler was still sleeping. I really should wake her up but I can’t resist the calm. After brews, breakfast and playtime pretty much summed up my morning and she fell asleep again, I set to work. After about 5 years of my photographer husband having and paying for we space, I decided to put something on it. I’m keeping it simple, just a showcase of images. There aren’t any on there yet but it’s a step closer than nothing. At least the images exist.

Creative Update? Creatively going mad I think

I have accepted that there isn’t one piece of software that will manage all my projects. Or the things that go along with them. Unless I pay for it or spend loads of time trying to learn it. After discussions with a few of my creative friends and a good talking to with myself I decided thusly. Note apps are great for making notes. My calendar is great for appointments. My to do list keeps to dos in order. Word keeps an activity log and excel is great for keeping track of FTP information.

The more I thought about this it made perfect sense, I like my gadgets to do their own things. I don’t want my camera to make me a cup of tea, but the way everything integrates now I just assumed there would be an app I could do it all in. Anyway I’ve started to log things more efficiently which is great as I mostly forget what I’m doing half way through.

I carried on working on another website all afternoon, we’ve been doing this one for about ten years, I swear its not my fault, he goes away for months, sometimes years and thinks about things, then we revisit it. I actually believe we will have a site in a few weeks!

Working on my own site

I’ve also updated my site a little but I’m slowly ploughing through all my files to see what else I can put on.

My mac is being really slow, Hubby has suggested a new hard drive, but ain’t nobody got time for that! Ill do it next month!

I got a very quick freebie theme WordPress site up and running for my sister in law yesterday, she is organising a charity event, a small scale festival. The site is bare bones but ill have more on it tomorrow so ill post a link then.

I also decided to upload all my email addresses to my page and it resulted in a 2 day ban from trying to network my page on Facebook. I will try again after that with a smaller number. It clearly thought I was being a spammer. Ah well!

spent the rest of the evening trying to find a good figure of contacts to direct to my page but I couldn’t, so ill just have to have a guess. a pretty productive day to say I have a toddler in my midst, she did not go neglected! So thats my creative update and it’s Andi out.

When I’m not rambling, I work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. You can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk

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