I go crafting mad and take up crochet.

scarf crafting mad

I’ve gone crafting mad. I read about this fifteen minutes per day thing, where I decided I would be really super creative for for exactly fifteen minutes per day. So much has changed since last Wednesday. Life is never a straight road where you can see clearly into the distance.

What’s new on the career front?

Well, I dusted off my freelance hat. I took a job working on a website and market a large auction house in Manchester. I totally had to rally around sorting out childcare and cleaning. So, I got myself a cleaner. She wasn’t very good, after skipping two of four weeks I told her I’d just do it myself. Seriously, she may have been a lush. I empathise.

On the 16th of November we turned Matts old bedroom into a craft studio, so that his mum could get her glass and embroidery business under way. With all the website making and the screen staring I decided that crafts were in fact a super idea and I went mad buying wool and crochet hooks.

Crafting Mad or Barking Mad. I don’t know.

I was determined that at least one of my children should have a blanket that I made myself. So, I set about making one. As usual when I get enthusiastic about anything it’s the best thing ever, so I just went for it. I made a tea cosy, Freddie’s blanket, hats and scarves for Isla and my niece. Prepare to be bored.

First I made this pretty cowl. Then I took a fancy depth effect photo of it with my iPhone.


Then I progressed to this hat.


Next, I made this gorgeous blanket I made for Freddie with alpaca wool. I may have taken it apart several times but I achieved it in the end.  

freddie blanket

Once I got started there was no stopping me. For my bext project I made this vintage pink and grey hat and scarf. Here it is obligingly modelled by my beautiful daughter Isla. Then I made another one for my niece Eva. Then I started hooking other stuff. I am a serious hooker. This shit is addictive. People are doing it on trains and in cars.

 So now I have crochet fever and a house full of wool and projects. I shall update soon, when I’m not busy hooking.

See more of my yarncraft related stuff here. Browse my creative section for more of my work. 

When I’m not doodling, I work as a creative designer & web developer at Made By Factory. You can get in touch with me at hi@andiwilkinson.co.uk. I don’t have time for crochet these days. What a pity.

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