Computer Arts Online Subscription.

Today I was on Facebook, and I saw that Computer Arts had a subscription. Since there was a few months missing from my pile, I decided to jump right in and buy it. I’m thinking about being creative.

as soon as the transaction went through, I realised I hadn’t subscribed to my favourite creative magazine Computer Arts but to it’s spin off magazine, Computer Arts Projects. I also realised that it was a digital version and not the lovely tangible paper copy I so like.

I stopped subscribing to Computer Arts Projects a couple of years ago. It became obvious that they took each magazine, once a year, recycled it’s content and reproduced it with a new front cover. Although those covers are so nice.  They used to do really gimmicky ones. I miss them.

I went to cancel the subscription as soon as they had taken my money (ha) but so far have not even had a response. – then as I looked I quite liked the idea of being able to printscreen or bookmark images for inspiration. There is even the option to share on Facebook or Twitter.

Downloading Computer Arts

I went to the account and was dismayed that it wasn’t some kind of pdf. It required you to view online. – but I saw there was the option for a download a hard copy to view when you are offline, so I clicked on that and behold, I had to download a viewer. Thankfully a magazine aimed at creative people takes into account that a some of us are Mac Users.

I installed the software, which didn’t Autorun, so I had to go digging for it in my downloads folder. After the installation, I ran it and the magazine downloaded into the viewer. – could I view it?

Every page said unable to download, please try later. – You don’t get this problem with a paper copy do you? It also gave me three samples so techically I should have four magazines in my viewer. I could still only see one. In the end I figured you either had to click on an individual month to find what was in it, or a letter of the alphabet to find something beginning with that letter. Very bad access of information.


I managed to keep it up. I now make a living from it. For more design, check out my design page. To hire me, you can find me over at Made By Factory, a digital agency in Manchester I co-own. We specialise in creative and bespoke web experiences, and delivering relevant traffic to your website. 

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  1. Hey there Creative Jam

    Just wondered whether you do graphics for a living. I am looking for someone to do a logo for my website. Please let me know what your fees are. I am also on linked in should you want to know more about my professional background.

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