Christmas At Wilkinson Manor

christmas onesie

2010 turned out to be the best Christmas I remember since being a child. We were just really festive.

So, We kicked off with the Christmas markets in Manchester, I just love the markets in Manchester. We literally go and buy a big pile of Chorizo every year and then spend the next couple of months looking for ways to incorporate it into our food, before giving up and throwing it in the bin.

Christmas Chorizo!

christmas chorizo

Next we all headed down down to Matts family home aka Wilkinson Manor. We joined up with all the family and spent a good few days eating, drinking and staying up too late. We played loads of Monopoly and all of those warm and fuzzy festive things. I know it’s one I will aways remember as just happy. Plain and simple. After spending a few years on my own watching Love Actually and feeling sorry for myself, In short, I had a proper Perry Como Christmas.

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