Wakestock 2010 Was Boring As Hell

5th July 2010

In all truth I was probably a bit miffed and jealous that Matthew was going off having fun at Glastonbury 2010 whilst I got to finish off my teacher placement. I’d also had a really crappy…

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Happy Birthday David!

13th December 2009

Crikey. I can’t believe my little boy is 14 today! 14 years of banter and wit. So I just wanted to write this little post to say Happy Birthday David. I’m really proud of who…

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This secondary school teacher looks stressed as hell

Secondary School Teacher Training

21st November 2009

My first day on the journey to become a secondary school teacher. I got to the interview in plenty of time. Though I wish I had taken a coat because the weather was abysmal. I…

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my bookshelves

Bookshelves & New Beginnings.

16th November 2009

*Legacy*. This is an ancient blogpost about staring at my bookshelves but it really marks the start of my journey with actual web development Ive been staring at my bookshelves CSS PPP Drupal BYOB LOL. –…

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my school placement stress

Surviving a Primary School Placement

14th September 2009

Well, I’ve just phoned my local education authority. I wanted to know if they could help me find primary schools for a school placement. Thankfully they were nice and they did have someone that deals…

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andi wilkinson my first blog post

My First Blog Post

7th January 2008

Sometimes there are just these non days. Maybe it’s not a bad thing. Even though this is my first blog post.  I woke up this morning up at 6am having stayed over at Jane’s. I…

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